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Safety Watchdog Sues Feds Over Alleged Faulty ET-Plus Design 

Finally the federal government is feeling some heat in its role in allowing the allegedly flawed ET-Plus guardrail end unit design to remain in service (a story I broke last February) as a Massachusetts safety watchdog filed suit against the Federal Highway Administration. This comes as a federal qui tam whistleblower suit gets underway this summer in Marshall, Texas.  Stay tuned folks, this is about to get very interesting. 

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Nevada Becomes First State in U.S. to Ban Controversial ET-Plus Highway Safety Device

Pleased to report that the state of Nevada quietly banned the installation of Trinity Industries' highway end-unit, the ET-Plus, citing what it called undocumented changes in the design of the end-unit head that I reported last February and has been followed now by nearly a dozen TV and print news outlets.  It's a small first step towards getting justice for the potentially thousands of victims who may have been injured by the device's apparent poor performance as I and other outlets have graphically detailed. One down, 49 to go.

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An update on one of the biggest investigative stories I produced at WTTG FOX5.

Very proud to say that less than a year after FOX5's initial report last November below on the mysterious connections between three deaths in Manassas, Virginia (including a 15 month old toddler), the father of the murdered son, Joaquin Rams, was just indicted for the 2003 murder of his ex-girlfriend as well, after being indicted in February of this year for the death of the toddler. Rams' mother's death in 2005, which was ruled a suicide after she was alleged to have "suffocated," is now an open investigation by Prince William County sheriffs department.

Rams apparently took out life insurance policies on all three, which is suspected to be the prime motive in the deaths.

Justice is apparently being served.

2005 Design, Testing of Controversial ET-Plus Guardrail End Unit Shrouded in Mystery 

Court documents reveal new questions about the guardrail unit's design and testing in 2005, as the highway safety device is blamed for more and more deaths. 

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SFO Rescue Vehicles Responding to Asiana Crash Lacked Critical Low-Vision, GPS Equipment

The San Francisco Fire Department’s airport rescue trucks that responded to the Asiana crash lacked Asiana CrashGPS and heat-sensing equipment that might have seen a 16 year-old passenger who survived the plane crash but was killed when an airport rescue rig ran her over as she lay covered in firefighting foam. 

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Shattered Limbs, Lives Raise Questions Over a Guardrail's Design and Federal Government Oversight


In May 2010, Ervin Pinckney Sr. was driving his Ford F-150 pickup on Route 50 near Bowie, Maryland when he lost control and hit the end of a highway guardrail, head-on. What happened next shocked the 77-year-old retired window washer.

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